Unborn Child Sessions

facilitated by Robyn Sheldon

elsie baby pixelled

“Integration of the Self” is a gentle acknowledgment of our wholeness; including our shadow side and our enlightened self. It is immensely valuable to look at our unconscious projections and patterning whilst we are preparing for the birth of our babies. They will be picking up these unconscious beliefs from us whilst they are in the womb (from both parents because we are intimately and energetically connected to our babies), and also during birth and in the months thereafter when they are still so enormously open to our ‘vibes’. Babies think they are us, and they learn who they are in the world through the beliefs we hold subconsciously.

Soul Integration work involves connecting to the Higher Self, which is our own innate inner wisdom and intuition, and then clearing emotions that have been suppressed or ignored in our lives. On a soul level we know exactly the purpose of our life experiences, and also our experiences which have created negative patterns of behavior. By becoming aware of these suppressed emotions, we are able to let them go and move into more centred, powerful ways of being.
Questions relating to our relationships, emotional issues, and life purposes are addressed. The process helps us to gain insights into our lives, and a more integrated concept of who we are begins to develop. With a clearer sense of our wholeness we become more responsible for our own lives and less tumbled about by the whim of circumstance.
In the merging of our soul’s life experiences with our intuitive knowing we expand into a greater appreciation of being. And in doing so we become more centered and calm as parents.

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