Breastfeeding Course for Doulas

Mama Bamba has partnered with Laura from The Baby Journey to bring you this comprehensive Online Breastfeeding Course.

Our student Doulas need a total of 8 course hours in order to meet the requirements for Mama Bamba
Doula certification.

The Baby Journey’s course will consists of a 4 hour live online intensive. The intensive will also be available as a recording. Following the intensive you will need to work through an additional 4x 1hr Modules from the Training Library. These additional lectures are offered as pre-recorded self-study modules. You will have access to the recordings and lessons on our online platform for 12 months.

Once you have completed all 8 hours and submitted the relevant documentation you will be issued a
certificate to use towards your doula certification.

The intensive includes:

  • Breastfeeding Bias vs Science
  • Importance of antenatal education and partner support
  • Exploring breast milk
  • Breastfeeding at birth and the early days (what mom can expect and how a Doula can support
  • Helping a mom during challenges

Included self-study modules:

  • Communication: talking to a new mom to get your message heard
  • Assessing and correcting latch
  • Different causes of latch discomfort and pain
  • How birth impacts breastfeeding 

TRaining Library

In addition to the 8hr certification course we have also created a Breastfeeding Training Library consisting
of individual self-study modules. These modules allow students as well as experienced doulas to further
their knowledge on breastfeeding and breastfeeding support. The idea is for doulas and student doulas to be
able to choose topics that interest them or where they feel they need to gain more knowledge for personal
growth and development. New content will be added to the library on an on-going basis.


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