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How we can help you have a wonderful birth experience:

Our Mama Bamba vision is to honour the sacred nature of your baby’s arrival by ensuring that compassion and love fill your birth space. This allows the babies to retain their innate wisdom and to birth with unconditional love.

How we ensure that your partner has a meaningful birth experience:

Mama Bamba doulas hold a strong, still space for you and your partner during labour and birth. We create a trusting environment to assist you both to be free of fear and tension. We believe that the partner has a crucial role to play in labour and that the your relationship can deepen and strengthen through your appreciation of one another at this transformational time.

The best way to find your perfect doula:

It is important to resonate deeply with every member of your birth team. Sometimes that might mean interviewing more than one doula. We can also assist you to find your perfect doula. Reach out if we can be of help. E-mail us

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What is a Doula?

A doula is the term given to a person attending to the continuous, emotional support of a woman in labour. Traditionally, women – especially first time mothers, would be assisted by other women when they were giving birth. The best birth attendants were comfortable and confident that they knew the way forward through the journey of labour and birth. Ideally, they were there to encourage, nurture, and support the birthing mother. They took care of her with kindly words, appreciation, guidance, massage and focused attention.

Doulas provide emotional companionship in labour. 

A doula does not replace the birth partner; she acts in a supportive role to both parents, and her role is to encourage the birth partner to recognize how integral their involvement can be in creating a satisfying birth experience. Part of a doula’s role is to assist the partner to stay more involved during labour, rather than to pull away in times of stress. Because doulas are familiar with the process of birth, they can honestly reassure both parents about the normality of the experience during times when it might seem overly intense.

The power of birth generally has a long term impact on our emotional and spiritual well being. Whether it creates a positive or a negative impression depends on our circumstances, our level of trust and our ability to remain open to the experience.

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