For the Doula: What if labour started right now?

Complete this exercise at least twice. The first time, imagine that your client calls you in early labor on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. The second time, imagine that you receive a call on Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. 

  1. How does your client in labor (or wondering if she’s in labor) reach you?
  2. Consider what plans you would have to make for your family’s needs for the next 36 hours.
  3. Consider what plans you would have to make in your work schedule for the next 36 hours.
  4. Consider what personal plans would need to be changed in the next 36 hours.
  5. How would your plans described above change if the woman needed you two hours from now?
  6. Do you have food prepared? For your family as well as for yourself?
  7. Is your hair clean? Have you showered today? (Remember, you may be with her in labor for 24 hours.)
  8. Are you free of all scents and perfumes?
  9. What will you wear?
  10. What do you need to take with you when you meet your client?
  11. What do you see as the most challenging about being “on call?” 
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