You’ve done your doula training with Angela and Amy or Angela and Tertia and attended your orientation in either Cape Town or Johannesburg. And now for the real thing – attending your first certification birth!

This can indeed be really daunting…… Am I able to apply what I’ve learned on the course? What if the mom doesn’t get on her surfboard? What if I mess up and the care provider thinks I’m an idiot? What if I let the parents down? What if I don’t know what to do? What if I do too much or too little? What if I can’t handle all the bodily fluids….?

Tertia and Angela offer their services as mentors to students. We doula the student doulas! We hold space for you as you discover your own way of being a space holder for the parents. We gently offer guidance where necessary, answer your questions, encourage you and help you debrief after the birth. We are also available via WhatsApp if you are at a birth and need assistance.

You can contact Angela in Cape Town +27 73 665 5884 or Tertia in Johannesburg +27 61 778 1327 for further information and mentorship fees.

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