Content Overview

Module ONE

 Spacious stillness 
 What is a doula?
 Mama Bamba Ethics and Standards of Practice
 Significance of birth & its long-term impact
 Physiology of labour & hormones of labour
 Doula’s role in the various stages of labour
 Becoming calm and centered
 Guiding your clients in releasing resistance 
 Techniques for emotional care 

Module TWO

 Hospitals and how to negotiate the space
 The birth partner’s role  
 A doula’s role in difficult labours and informed decision making
 C-section & VBAC
 Listening skills

Module THREE 

 Sacred birth and the incoming soul
 Newborn care 
 An introduction to breastfeeding 
 Postnatal care 

Module FOUR 

 Cultural competency
 Sexual abuse
 Death & grief 

Module FIVE 

 The business of being a doula  
 Prenatal care and birth plans  
 Looking after the doula 
 Post course support
 Review, closing & feedback 
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