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Dani Nelson

Holistic Balance
Dr Dani Nelson. Chiropractor and Doula
I am Dani, a trainee Doula. I am based in the Garden Route in Sedgefield. I am available to expectant mothers for births in the area locally and extending up to George and Plett. My dream is to restore the sacred act of birth to the truly honored, transformational, empowered, vulnerable and healing experience in a women’s life that it should be.
Alongside my doula support I offer gentle Chiropractic care through the Neuroimpulse Protocol Technique that was developed for infants and pregnancy. I am passionate about pregnancy, pediatrics and postpartum care and offer physical, emotional and spiritual support to families throughout this incredible journey at each unique stage.
To get in touch call me on 064 900 1178 or email me on
For more information have a look at my website or follow me on Instagram @HolisticBalanceDC
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