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Dani Nelson

Holistic Balance
Dr Dani Nelson. Chiropractor and Doula in the Greater Midlands area
My dream is to restore the sacred act of birth to the truly honored, transformational, empowered, vulnerable and healing experience in a women’s life that it should be.
Alongside my doula support I offer gentle Chiropractic care through the Neuroimpulse Protocol Technique that was developed for infants and pregnancy. I am passionate about pregnancy, pediatrics and postpartum care and offer physical, emotional and spiritual support to families throughout this incredible journey at each unique stage.
Instagram @HolisticBalanceDC

Nonkululeko Shibula

Doula Nonkululeko

Durban Central

I am a certified Doula of Mama Bamba focusing on pre and postpartum labour as well as virtual support for expecting families. 

I am a Bereavement facilitator with Mama Nurture supporting families who are experiencing miscarriage or stillbirth. I believe it is not an interdiction to go back and fetch what we have forgotten there is no better time to rebuild, empower and support our birthing women than now. | 0670740021

Waheeda Buckus


I am a student doula servicing the Musgrave, Overport,  Sherwood, Westville & Umhlanga areas.

My passion for natural birth without extreme medical intervention was born after witnessing the birth of my sister at age 21. The experience of gaining a sibling so late in life as well as the challenges of a high risk pregnancy and lack of support provided by doctors during that difficult time, led me to train as a doula. As a doula my aim is to empower women not to fear birth but rather embrace their bodies natural process so that they have a positive birth experience through trust, love and support.

Other qualifications: Cupping and Massage therapist

079 745 8384 | | Instagram: @santorini_women | Facebook: santoriniwomen

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