Unborn Baby Birth Preparation Course

Whether you are birthing at home under the stars or in a theatre near you, you will then be able to focus this transitional time on the love and supportive care between you as parents and your baby, or perhaps if you are double-blessed, your babies.
Maintaining a strong connection will make the journey from womb into the world easier and more magical for all of you.

For years I have been blessed to witness parents meeting their soul babies during individual three hour unborn child sessions. I’m now offering shorter two hour sessions, which are very straightforward.
The work is transformative and inspiring.

Now I also offer a whole weekend course for parents.

I thought an entire weekend of playing with these soul babies would be a fine thing to do. So I designed this new course specifically for creating a deep and lasting connection to your baby prior to birth; sort of like an antenatal course, but centered on the brilliant stuff.

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Connecting to our unborn children is as good a way as any to rekindle our rosy magic.
Those kids teach us  the wisdom of their souls.

Sometimes people think they won’t be able to do it, or they feel foolish, or it sounds esoteric and strange.
But everyone can do it. And it can set you up for seeing your baby as a wise soul instead of just a helpless infant. This changes your relationship forever (well, ‘during-this-lifetime-forever’ anyway).

Come and see for yourselves. It could be life-changing. It will be a blast.

Robyn's course includes:

  •  information on how relaxation and support can help you physiologically during birth
  • experiences for developing a closer relationship to your unborn baby
  • the important role of the partner during pregnancy (partners are pregnant too), labour, birth and beyond
  • time to investigate whether your birth team are in alignment with your birth wishes
  • discussion on the impact of birth choices on labour
  • guided deep relaxation exercises and the value of visualisation and active imagination
  • natural movement for releasing tension and for labour support
  • a manual on birth preparation and connecting to the unborn child.


R2500 per couple. R1800 for single parents.

Early bird special R2200 per couple – see events page for details

Individual work with couples.

4 hours scheduled to fit your calendar

Venue: Online

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I’ve been reflecting on the weekend and it just struck me once again how perfect it was... striving to have a spiritually conscious, intervention-free birth (as much as possible) in a hospital environment. What a gift that we could grapple with these things together under the guidance of Robyn! John and I came out of the weekend feeling truly grounded. It opened up conversations for us that we needed to have and will continue to do so. It made me feel excited to walk into ‘the fire’ with him by my side. While I had always thought he would support me through my labour, this weekend has turned it into our labour - one where each of us have different roles to play. So thank you to ALL of you for being part of and creating such an important, sacred time for us. I think I will look back on it and see it as a pivotal moment for me in my growth as both a pregnant woman and mother. Robyn, your wisdom is deep. Both in the practical but also in the spiritual. I love how you shared what you knew but with such humility and openness. Thanks too for the truly nourishing lunches. Honestly, would come back just for those curries 😉

Would you like to find out more about the 2 & 3 hour sessions I offer to connect to your unborn baby?

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