…when spirit comes to an adult, it comes as a return and as an astonishment-impossible, beautiful, alarming, it cracks us open.
John Tarrant. The Light Inside The Dark


When everybody holds a conscious awareness of love and the sacred significance of birth during labour, then babies can retain their soul connection to the high state of consciousness out of which they emerge.

Mama Bamba means Mother Embrace in isiXhosa, isiZulu, and Seswati.

  • Mothers need the safe embrace of a supportive environment to labour well.
  • Partners need to value their role in creating this.
  • Babies need their parent’s constant awareness of them during their journey out of the womb and into the world.


Our antenatal classes, courses and individual sessions are based on the Mama Bamba Way book and are a delightful way to develop trust in your birthing body. We offer:

  • Antenatal weekend workshops for you and your partner to help release fear and to assist you to create the warmest, most welcoming labour and birth experience for your baby
  • Soul connection sessions to your unborn baby
  • Integration therapy for releasing fears around birth and parenting
  • Training programmes for Doulas, and for Soul Integration Facilitators

We encourage trust in the natural process of birth. Loving births, which are free of trauma have a lifelong beneficial impact on new-born babies.

Breathing into the stillness of our True Selves holds and anchors the storms raging about us. It gives them meaning and purpose. It gives us the depth of vision to embrace them and to understand how transformative they can be.